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Children and Divorce

Divorce impacts many families in our country and oftentimes happens in families with children. While some children adjust to their parents divorce successfully, others may have trouble with this transition and struggle with emotional and behavioral difficulties


I work with children ages 5 and up to help them navigate through this adjustment with their family. Even though some children may appear to be tough on the outside, they are often feeling hurt, angry, confused, scared, insecure and many other confusing feelings deep inside of them. Through individual and family therapy, I meet with your child to help them cope with these changes and provide them with tools and skills for this transition. I also incorporate family work to improve the relationship between you and your child and also integrate co-parenting sessions if desired. 

If this sounds like your child, I would love to help your family! Give me a call today for a free 15 minute consultation. While your divorce will be sad for your kids, it doesn't need to set them up for failure. Lets work together to help your child thrive in a supportive, loving environment!

How Do You Know When to Seek Help?


If your child is showing signs of stress such as:

  • Grades dropping in school

  • Loss of appetite

  • Problems with peers

  • Struggling to sleep at night

  • Withdrawing from family

  • Misbehaving in school

  • Increased moodiness or emotional distress

  • Manipulative behavior

  • Feeling guilty for the divorce

  • Difficulty separating from parent(s)

  • Acting out or acting perfect

  • Showing aggression, anger or defiance

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