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Planning a wedding is a really exciting time in your life! While we spend time preparing for the big day, it's also important to take time communicating with our partners and learning skills that will help your marriage to be just as beautiful as your wedding day. 

I am a certified Prepare-Enrich facilitator. Prepare-Enrich is the leading skill building program used internationally for couples. It is tailored specifically to the couple and provides exercises to improve their skills and enhance their relationship. Prepare-Enrich is the #1 guide for helping couples to explore and strengthen their relationship and is a scientifically proven program to make an impact on the couple's relationship. The Prepare-Enrich curriculum can be used with pre-marital couples as well as married couples!

I typically recommend 6-8 sessions for pre-marital counseling. Instead of charging the full $130 per 50 minute session, I offer a discounted package if the couple commits to the sessions and pays in full at the first session. 

$700 for 6 sessions (plus $35 assessment fee)

$900 for 8 sessions (plus $35 assessment fee)

Pre-Marital Counseling

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